Imprez Recognised As Official Independent Prezi Experts

Imprez, a Digital Hub company offering Prezi training and design services, has recently became the first company in Ireland to attain the recognition of ‘Official Independent Prezi Expert’. The certification is a global initiative awarded by Prezi to independent companies that are highly qualified in professional Prezi training and custom Prezi design.

Founded in 2012 by Niall Dennehy and Joseph Thompson, Imprez is Ireland’s first Prezi training, design and consultation company. The company helps people become better storytellers with the aim of getting rid of boring and uninspired presentations. Having collectively delivered presentations in more than 50 countries across the world, Niall and Joseph have formidable expertise in using Prezi’s unique interactive presentation software to give companies an edge when presenting.

A global service with more than 55 million users, Prezi was founded in 2009 and has since gone from strength to strength. The service currently has over 1.8 million users in the UK and Ireland, and provides hundreds of free templates for its users to get started.

Imprez Co-Founder Niall Dennehy said: “The recognition of Imprez as an official independent Prezi expert is a huge step forward for us as we strive to deliver the best service possible to our clients. With our global expertise and track record in exceeding client expectations, we hope that becoming the first Irish company to achieve this recognition will help us continue to expand and grow both nationally and globally.”

Niall also discussed how Prezi is refreshingly different to traditional presentation software, commenting: “With traditional presentation software information is structured on slides. With Prezi, everything is on an open canvas, moving from one idea to the other in a non-linear manner. This means companies are free to express ideas without the limitations or boundaries of a slide. We feel that this novel aspect allows Prezi to breathe new life into the presentation space. Having a presentation that differentiates you or your organisation can be the difference between success and failure.”

Imprez offers four key services:

  • Presentation Design – Imprez helps clients create dynamic Prezi presentations that will help to engage their audience.
  • Presentation Training – Imprez shows clients how to use Prezi by creating presentations and training their staff how to do it.
  • Online Templates – Imprez has an online shop that sells pre-made templates that people can use in a very short space of time.
  • Advice – Imprez offers advice to their clients on how to use Prezi within their organisation.

Imprez has been based at The Digital Hub, a vibrant enterprise cluster based in Dublin’s Liberties area, since March 2015.

5 Tips For Using Prezi

Plan Your Prezi

The biggest mistake that most people make when creating a Prezi (and presentations in general) is not spending enough time preparing their materials. Start with pen and paper and jot down your ideas in a format that works best for you e.g. mind map, storyboard, flowchart. Even Prezi itself can be used as a very effective tool for capturing your ideas. Steve Jobs was renowned for spending hours obsessing over every facet of the presentations he delivered. You should do the same!

Use High Quality Graphics

The best Prezi presentations are visually stunning. You should source and/or create the best possible graphics you can. Work with a graphic designer if you don’t have the skills. With sites like Fiverr.com you’d be surprised how affordable it is to employ a graphic designer on a freelance basis. Avoid clip art like the plague and take care to ensure that you have the proper usage rights for images sources on the web.

Be Careful With Rotation And Zoom

A lot of people think of Prezi as “the thing like PowerPoint where you can rotate and zoom”. While there is a small element of truth to this, Prezi is so much more! Rotation and zoom should only be used to augment your message e.g. “turning an idea on its head” could be an image of the food pyramid turned upside down and then rotated to illustrate current dietary guidelines (and perhaps provoke a response from the audience as to the validity of the current food pyramid!). The zoom function could be used to emphasise or focus on a key piece of data e.g. zooming in to a point on a line graph to “examine the point in finer detail”. The key message here is to avoid over-using rotate and zoom. You run the risk of making your audience ‘sea-sick’ and maybe even create a presentation that is worse than a bullet point heave PowerPoint!

Save Time With Templates 

There are hundreds of free templates available from Prezi and numerous template providers. These can and will save you loads of time! Be careful to choose the right one though and ensure that it ties in with your overall objective. This ties in with Tip number one – plan your Prezi.

Think Differently With Prezi 

This may sound like waffle but it’s really important to think in a non-conventional way when using Prezi. We believe it is genuinely a fun tool to use and can really boost the impact of your presentation. Prezi is meant to illustrate the relationship between your ideas (this is how the human brain works) and Prezi always tell us that ideas matter! Break away from conventional slide based presentations and stop thinking in bullet points.

Tips on how to ‘Be Present’ Before You Present

There’s a lot of talk about mindfulness in all of its guises today. Whether you interpret mindfulness as sitting on top of a mountain, overlooking a lake while focusing on breathing deeply. Or, simply be devoting your full attention to a task, there is something to be said for this practice, before, during and even after delivering a presentation. In this article I will show you how mindfulness can be combined with visualization to set you up for success using our VACS (Venue, Audience, Content, Success) methodology. Imagine is a word that will appear frequently throughout this article, luckily (almost) everybody has the ability to do this!


Venue Visualization

The next time before you present, try imagining the room that you will deliver the presentation in (I would recommend sitting in a quiet place, closing your eyes and breathing deeply through your diaphragm). If you’ve seen or been in the room before then that will give you an advantage. If not, then try and source some photos of the room or videos of other people who’ve previously presented in that room.


Audience Visualization

Imagine yourself actually delivering the presentation in the aforementioned room. The key thing is to imagine that you’re successfully delivering the presentation, think of your audience laughing along with your jokes and absorbing every bit of knowledge you have to share. If you can do some audience analysis to find out who will be in the audience beforheand, you might even be able to visualize their faces. Plant that positive seed of thinking in your mind and let it grow!


Content Visualization

This might be contentious, but I believe that everybody should know their presentation off by heart! If you’ve spent the right amount of time preparing then this will happen without even trying. You may not know each exact word that will appear (if there are words) in the presentation, but you should be able to visualize the flow of your presentation and how everything is structured.


Success Visualization

Imagine that you’ve delivered the best presentation of your life. The presentation is over and people are queuing to shake your hand. Enough said!

This is the first article in a series of three which will focus on using mindfulness before, during and after a presentation.